The canceled 2021 National Boy Scout Jamboree is set to impact local economy

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – The 2021 National Boy Scout Jamboree has been postponed, and many are wondering how the community will be affected.

“What interesting about a Jamboree is people come a week or two in advance of the main event. A lot of people think that people stay on the Jamboree grounds, while that’s true with the majority there’s actually quite a lot of people that stay out of the community as well,” said Mayor Sharon Cruikshank.

Over 30,000 scouts members were expected to gather at the Bechtel Reserve next summer. The event directly supports jobs and generates revenue for local businesses by pulling in tens of thousands of tourists.

“While we thought that this was going to be one and done, it may actually be a couple of years before we’re back until we’re normal. And I think that West Virginians are really resilient in the fact that we tend to adopt in things and have a new meaning of what the new normal is,” said Cruikshank.

Now that the event is canceled. Local businesses in Fayette County will lose revenue from another significant event. Mayor Sharon Cruikshank believes local companies will be able to weather the tough times.

“But it is a hardship; I can’t say enough about our businesses and entrepreneurs thinking of new ways of doing business and moving forward. Because it is a non-known how long this is going to last and I think that we just have to be respectful of each other… Because this is the new normal for a while,” said Cruikshank.

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