The Ball Toyota Family Dealerships donates over $200,000 to the United Way of West Virginia

CHARLESTON, WV (WOAY) –  This morning, the Ball Toyota Family of Dealerships, Handle with Care, and The United Way of West Virginia has announced a partnership to help children across West Virginia. 

The Ball Toyota Family Dealerships donated over $200,000 to the United Way that will benefit children in all 55 counties in West Virginia. 

“When we first created this program we had a meeting about the resources in this county. Once you identify a kid and they have a need, how are we going to fulfill that need? and so that’s what this does. The Handle with Care pantries through the generous donation through Ball Toyota will provide that,” said Director of WV Center Children Justice, Andrea Darr. 

The funding will establish pantries in United Way offices to provide food, clothing and toiletries for children and young adults. President of Ball Toyota Shawn Ball says children have never been more vulnerable than they are during the pandemic. 

“My responsibility to myself is to feed, clothe and to make sure kids have shoes, those are big things on my list. This year has become protection, I want to protect kids,” said Ball Toyota President, Shawn Ball.  

Statewide and county law enforcement officials, and public officials attended the announcement and testified to the effectiveness of the  Handle with Care program. 

“These programs, since we work together you don’t have a whole lot of force. It’s just like, don’t worry about who gets the credit, let’s help these kids, we all have a part and let’s get it done,” said Darr. 

The Handle with Care’s pantries will serve all 55 counties statewide.

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