Thanksgiving Travel Breakdown: Who's going where, when … and how

( – Based on the results of TripAdvisor’s annual Thanksgiving Travel Survey of nearly 1,500 respondents, 51% will be traveling for the holiday which is up by 6% from last year.

Of those traveling, 75% will be driving and 23% will be flying to their destinations.  According to the survey, air travel will up by 6% this week compared with last year.

The roads and airports will be the busiest on Thanksgiving Day with 48% traveling on Thursday, November 23.

By comparison, 11% plan to leave today (Tuesday, November 21), and 21% will travel tomorrow (Wednesday, November 22) to their getaways.  However, 20% have planned to make the most of their holiday this year and left yesterday (Monday, November 20) or earlier.

Based on the survey results, the majority will travel shorter distances this week with 49% driving up to 50 miles or less.  10% will go between 51 and 100 miles, and 13% will travel between 101 and 200 miles to get to their Thanksgiving destinations.

With 23% staying with friends and family, 15% have chosen to stay in a hotel.  In fact, 50% have selected a value hotel and plan to pay between $50 and $150 per night at the property.

With a 6% increase in air travel this week, the top Thanksgiving destinations include:

  1. New York City
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Chicago
  4. Boston
  5. Phoenix

As 11% are traveling today and 69% are leaving for their Thanksgiving destinations tomorrow and Thursday,

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