Thank Your Dispatchers It’s National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

BECKLEY.,WV (WOAY) – Across the nation thousands of men and women are being honored this week for being the “first”, first respondents in an emergency.

This year from April 8-14 it’s National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week. The week is used as a time to celebrate the 911 dispatchers who aren’t on the scene, but play an important role in emergency situations.

Dispatchers are responsible for asking the right questions within seconds in order to give officers the right answers.

Dispatchers told Newswatch although their job does have down time, it can change rapidly.

Comm. Chief, Raleigh Co. Emergency Services, James Huggins adds, “It can change in a matter of a second we will be doing nothing then the next second somebody calling needs CPR or a house is on fire, or somebody’s getting robbed. He continued, sometimes it’s all at the same time and it gets to be overwhelming but you don’t really look at it until after it’s done. ”

WOAY would like to thank all the local dispatchers for their hard and dedicated work.

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