Terrible Road Conditions


Ricky Morrison who has lived on first ave in Ansted for twelve years, says he has gone through many cars and has had nothing but issues with the road he lives on. Morrison and neighbors have asked the Mayor of Ansted several times to fix their road because of the horrible condition it has been in for more than a decade. Morrison said, “I have called, I have went to the City Hall, talk to Pete Hobbs himself and have seen him at the Shell Station in Ansted. I talk to the people on the council, it hasn’t gotten me anywhere, it hasn’t gotten none of us nowhere. We’ve been to the meetings as far as my neighbors, it hasn’t gotten us no where.”

When I reached out to the Mayor of Ansted, he said he is aware of the unpaved roads throughout the town but there is not much he can do at this moment. Mayor Pete Hobbs said over the phone, “Currently there are no resources for general paving in our budget.”

As for Morrison and his neighbors he is hoping they can try to still do something about the terrible road conditions they have to travel on everyday.


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