Ten hour standoff in Winfield ends in shootout; suspect shot

ten-hour standoff ended in a shootout early Saturday morning in Winfield.

Putnam County Sheriff Steve Deweese said the situation began at about 6:10 p.m. Friday when deputies responded to a domestic situation in the Shawnee Estates subdivision in Winfield.

Deweese said Murray Knox, 65, had threatened to burn his house down and threw a candle on the gas stove. During an argument with his girlfriend, Knox pulled a gun on her. At some point, Deweese said she was able to call 911.

Deputies arrived within four minutes of her phone call and were able to get the woman out of the house. Deputies surrounded the house, but Knox remained inside and refused to come out.

Deputies kept in contact with Knox while trying to negotiate with him, but at about midnight Knox stopped replying. Deweese said deputies had talked to Knox more than 20 times before he stopped replying.

Deweese said after a final call received no reply at about 4 a.m., deputies shot tear gas into the home.

Tear gas was sent into the front part of the Shawnee Estates home and more into the kitchen area, where the original fight started.

Deweese said after a second round of tear gas was sent into the kitchen area, Knox opened fire on six Putnam County deputies.

The deputies returned fire in a firefight that lasted about 10 minutes.

After the shootout, Deweese said Knox called 911 and told a dispatcher and said he had been shot and said he wanted to talk to Deweese again.

Deweese said after speaking with Knox, he exited the home and surrendered.

Knox was shot in the shoulder and transported to CAMC Teays Valley, according to Deweese.

No deputies were injured.

Deweese said Knox will face a long list of charges when he is released from the hospital.

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