Ten Homes Dedicated To Flood Victims

 “To me this is a blessing it’s something I thought I’d never see in my life.” That was Wilma Flack’s response, when WOAY asked her how she felt about her new home that was dedicated to her. Flack was one of the many people who lost her home from the June floods and on Friday her life changed. Ten new homes were dedicated to flood victims in Hope Village late Friday morning and Flack was one of them.

The President of White Sulphur Spring Homes, Tom Crabtree, stated, “It’s a momentous day for those families, they’re overjoyed, tearful, thankful, and grateful to the community that has supported the effort and provided the funding to build these homes, so it’s a really wonderful day in White Sulphur Springs once again.” 

Inside Flacks new home, she said, “I’m lost for words. The workers, they’ve been wonderful, God sent them this way to help everybody in this neighborhood.” The new homes in Hope Village were built by Storm Aid and Mennionite disaster service. Crabtree says he can’t thank them enough, “They have been here literally since the day of the flood, providing the labor and the effort to clean out homes and repair homes and build homes.”

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