Teachers Receive Pay Raise

Teachers stood outside New River Elementary School on Tuesday anxiously awaiting the State Senate to vote on a 5% pay raise for state employees.
“I think everyone feels that it has been a long road for us and we wish it could have been shorter especially for our kids because they are missing out on educational opportunities right now especially with State Testing coming up. We wish it could have gone a lot more smoother in the Legislature but we are happy now that they have come to an agreement, they have decided to put party lines aside so we are appreciative at this point,” said local teacher Angela Hughes.
Although the teachers are packing up and getting ready to get back to their classrooms they know this is a victory that may not have a long-term solution.
“We are going to take it as a short-term victory for now but I think a lot of people have gotten a little more involved in politics since all of this has happened. I think we are going to pay attention more to who has our best interest at heart,” said local teacher Courtney Vargo.
The School Districts will be holding meetings to decide when it is possible to allow the children back into the classroom and one local student is hoping that time is very soon.
“I’m glad the teachers got what they deserve and I’m finally getting back to school. I can’t believe I am saying that but I am happy to be getting back,” said local student Ethan Vargo Thomas.

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