Teachers Protest At Local Delegates Law Firm

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY)- Teachers and school service personnel took on day three of their protest throughout West Virginia in a different manner.

“We’re here to tell him whatever it is he needs to know to make a decision based upon the wishes of his constituents,” said Joe Dangerfield, Fayette County teacher.

Fayette County teachers and school service personnel protested outside of Fast Law Firm to let Delegate Tom Fast understand their concerns of him not reaching out to teachers.

“We just got kicked out of Tom Fast’s Law Firm parking lot. The police came and told us we couldn’t even stay there, so obviously he’s not behind what we are doing. There’s been many votes where he didn’t vote in our favor,” said Scott McDaniel, teacher at Fayette Institute of Technology.

WOAY reached out to Delegate Tom Fast and was unable to reach him as he was meeting with Fayette County teachers.

“We work hard at our jobs to provide for these kids, not just the teachers but the service personnel including the secretary, the cook, teachers aides and custodians, we all play an important role in the children’s lives,” said Teri Neff, Fayette County School cook.

Teachers and school service personnel are hoping that the West Virginia Legislature and the Governor will understand their viewpoints and increase funding on PEIA.

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