Teachers Handout Food to Students in Sophia

Teachers are not forgetting about the students while classes are not in session.
With the statewide teacher’s walkout happening local teachers want to make sure the kids are not suffering. Teachers were at the Food Lion in Sophia today handing out meals to students who are in need. One teacher from Crab Orchard Elementary said they want everyone to know what they are doing
is for the children.
“We are walking out for better benefits but we can’t forget who it is for, bottom line it is for the kids. We want to make sure they are still protected and still have food,” said Wanelle Ortiz who is a Crab Orchard Elementary teacher.
Teachers will be handing out food as long as the food is available. If you would like to donate food to the students you can do so by dropping off food anywhere you see teachers holding signs.

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