Teachers Continue Walkout Due To Senate Removing Bill From Agenda

Beckley., WV (WOAY) -Wednesday evening State Superintendent Dr. Steven Paine issued a statement saying all public schools will be in session March 1st. On Thursday all 55 counties were closed.

Although this is the beginning of a new month this is the 6th day West Virginian public schools were closed. This comes after the House Bill 4145 was taken off the Senate agenda on Wednesday.

Today’s closure is followed by several teacher’s being upset with the announcement. Though Paine said all schools will be open Thursday. Teachers will not receive repercussions.

Sandy Shaw an AP Art Teacher said, “They closed the schools again today so it’s going to be a day just like it has been in the past, now if we have action after today then there may be some consequences.”

There is no set date for schools to reopen, once the date is announced the students will quickly have to catch up.

“We’ll have to do a lot of catch up, I teach AP Art and my students have a deadline. The first week in May they have to submit their portfolios,” Shaw added. She continued that, several of her students have reached out to her on how can they stay on top of their work.

Teachers have told Newswatch that they’re eager to get back into their classrooms, they just want their insurance fixed. “They(Senate) have to reallocate the money and fund PEIA and it has to be a permanent fix and then we’ll go back,” Shaw notes.

Today the Senate voted to table the pay raise bill. Senate President Mitch Carmichael said their going to try and find a way to use those funds to put towards PEIA.

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