Teacher Walkout Brings Community Together

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY)- Day two of the teacher and school service personnel walkout is continuing throughout all of West Virginia.


“We have a wealth of resources under our feet. It would be nice if we could have an increase in the gas severance tax that would solve all the problems for the future of the children in our schools,” said Janet Bowland, kindergarten teacher at New River Elementary School.


Our local teachers in Oak Hill are appreciative of all the community support including one man who was traveling through WV.


“He told us that he believed in what we were doing and thought this was great and wanted to support us. He drove to Fayetteville, picked up the donuts and brought them back and he lives 450 miles away,” said Shannon Jarrel and Courtney Vargo, teachers at New River Elementary School.


Teachers are not the only ones cheering. The community has brought food and honked their horns to show support.


Danielle Harris, third grade teacher at New River Elementary, shared her appreciation for the community involvement.


“I am so grateful for the amount of support we have from our community. I would so much rather be with my students in the classroom, but this is just as important and I feel like it is important for the community to know that this isn’t just about our pay. This isn’t just about our insurance. This is also about our students,” said Harris.


Teachers are extremely thankful for all of the local assistance and are ready to get back to their students.

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