Teacher and Coach at Valley High School Arrested On Drug Charges

It is something that parents should continue to be aware of as a Fayette county high school teacher and coach was arrested on drug charges this past Wednesday. Fayette County Sheriff Mike Fridley told us, “He was charged with four counts and into the investigation itself, they were controlled buys, we don’t believe that it was around the schools or around school property, which is a good thing.”

Larry Macon McCommack of Boomer West Virginia, was a teacher at Valley High School in Smithers, WV. He was also a football coach at the school and most parents say he was a good friend and role model for their children. When WOAY visited Valley High School to talk to parents about McCommack’s charges, all parents refused to comment. One parent saying, “I don’t, sorry. Because he took time out of his day to be with the kids, what he does outside is his decision, he was great to our kids.” Another parent told us, “No I graduated with him, I am good friends with him.” As well as another parent who said, “No, because I know him personally, I just don’t want to say anything.” 

When we reached out to Superintendent of Fayette County Schools, Terry George, he said he is aware of the situation but can not comment any further due to personnel issues. The Principal of Valley High School would also not comment because of personnel issues

And for the public, there is one thing Sheriff Fridley told us he wants the public to know and be aware of in situations like these, “If you see something suspicious, call and let us know.” 

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