Tazewell County, VA was hit the worst with the flooding rain

Richlands, Virginia sits in a valley. The Clinch River winds through Richlands and its surrounding towns. The river banks started to overflow Saturday afternoon. Grassy backyards became ponds, roads became rivers. While nothing was catastrophic, residents and business owners still had some cleaning up to do.

Rev. Doug Johnson of┬áRaven Assembly of God said, “Well it really effected us, as the water started coming into the back parking lot; the river broke the banks. The water stared filling up the back parking lot. We kept watching it from the parsonage area. As it got closer and closer we called everybody in from the church last night at about 11pm. We had a crew come down here and we started picking the pews up off the sanctuary floor. We raised them up, picked up everything wooden. We worked till 2am this morning getting the church ready just in case water came in.”

Church staff even used shovels to loosen the drainage ditches along the front parking lot by the road. Flooding improved Sunday afternoon, but worsened that evening, church services were still on as scheduled. After services ended, the flood line got closer to the establishment. With drier days ahead, the flooding waters will recede and clean up efforts will begin.

-Frank Notarbartolo

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