Tamarack: The Most Popular Stop In West Virginia During Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day has become one of the most traveled holidays, as the unofficial end of summer comes to a close.  One tourist destination located here in Southern West Virginia is the Tamarack.

Robbie Moore, Manager of Visual and Performing Arts at the Tamarack, shared about the different visitors he has seen this weekend, “I’ve talked to a few people from Maryland, Virginia and really all the surrounding states, but a lot from out-of-state.”

Tamarack: The Best of West Virginia is a large arts and craft facility showcasing the unique work of West Virginians.  Tamarack is a great place to stop for a quick bite, as well as explore craft products, fine art and specialty food items.  This is an excellent and  safe place to rest and take a break from the crowded roads.

Safety is extremely important when traveling, especially on holiday weekends when more celebrations occur.   The tourist information staff at Tamarack can provide a wealth of information, including West Virginia’s attractions, special events, road conditions and travel times.

“We love when we have people who haven’t been here before. We think it really shows off the best of West Virginia. It’s a great time for people out-of-state to come, and become familiar with our talented artists here,” said Moore.

Over half a million people visit Tamarack annually to take in its visual beauty, unique exhibits, outstanding food, and performances. One visitor from North Carolina, Sean Warring, said, “We always come to the Tamarack when we pass it  just because its such a landmark, and we love being here.”

Whether you are traveling on the road for sightseeing, vacationing, visiting friends and family, or celebrating Labor Day,  Tamarack offers an enjoyable safe alternative where you can rest and take a break.

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