Supreme Court’s Deputy Security Director Testifies

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) – The West Virginia Supreme Court’s deputy security director says he helped Justice Allen Loughry move a couch and antique desk out of his home at the justice’s request.

Jess Gundy testified Thursday before the House Judiciary Committee, which is investigating whether to recommend impeachment proceedings for Loughry.

Gundy testified Loughry asked him to move the couch and desk to a court warehouse because of media scrutiny. He says moving furniture was not part of his duties and he called the request unusual.

Loughry was suspended over allegations he repeatedly lied about using his office for personal gain. He’s also charged in a 23-count federal criminal indictment.

The committee heard testimony later from court spokeswoman Jennifer Bundy and was scheduled to hear from security director Arthur Angus and security messenger Paul Mendez.

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