Super Bowl Sunday!

It’s finally here, Super Bowl Sunday. People all over the nation are watching the game, as the Atlanta Falcons take on the New England Patriots. One restaurant that is expecting a big crowd for the game, is Buffalo Wild Wings. “Oh yeah, we always have a big crowd for our sporting events. This is actually our biggest day of the year, so were ready for a big day.” says, Mike Webb who is the manager of Buffalo Wild Wings. When WOAY asked Webb if their well prepared for the big crowd, he said, “Oh yeah, everybody works Super Bowl Sunday, so I’ve got a full staff, were ready to go.” Buffalo Wild Wings has several specials to offer for their guests, they include beer and food.

When WOAY asked people at Buffalo Wild Wings which team they were rooting for, many people seem to be cheering for the Atlanta Falcons. “I’m rooting for the Falcons tonight, I’m a huge Steelers fan. The Patriots have been too bad for the Steelers as of very recently and they just win too much.” said, Paul Cales of Summersville.  Thirteen year old, Hunter Albright said, “The falcons, their my favorite team.” Ray Walter, whose birthday falls on the same day as the Super Bowl this year said, “I guess the falcons, I guess.”

Buffalo Wild Wings has seventy televisions, six big screens and also a couple of peoples favorite foods! Amy Osgood who is rooting for the New England Patriots said, “I like their buffalito.” Ray Walter said, “Wings.”

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