Summersville’s Christmas Miracle

Every now and again, you do hear of a Christmas miracle.

Just ask Kris Marra.  On December 18, she was driving from Pittsburgh to Florida and decided to make a stop in Summersville.

She says, she put her cat, Chloe, on a leash so she could relieve herself.  While out of the car, Chloe got spooked, slipped her collar, and ran into some woods.

Marra spent two nights in Summersville frantically looking for Chloe,unfortunately she had no luck.

She posted her story on Facebook, talked with local business owners and the animal shelter, but ended up having to leave without Chloe.

She even sent us an email asking for help.

We posted it online and on the WOAY Facebook page for her.

Tuesday, we got a Facebook message that, you guessed it, Chloe had been found!

Marra drove back up to get her this week, and headed back to Florida today.

“This is a Miracle Christmas story,” Marra texted us this morning.  “The people of Summersville are the bomb!  It took a village, but I got her back.”

WOAYS Terell Bailey shares the story…

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