Summer’s County Board of Education Request Excess Levy

Summers County., WV (WOAY) –The Summer’s County Board of Education is seeking an excess levy that will help improve classes and student productivity.

On Tuesday the board approved running an excess levy for the school board. The County Commission even waived their election fees, because they are aware of Summers County’s budget issues. The levy is asking for 1.5 million dollars every year over the next five years which totals just under $8 million dollars.

One of the main ways the money will be used is by improving the academics of summers county…county officials add that teachers will have more of a say when it comes to help choosing programs and finding resources instead of having to raise the money.

Kimberly Rodes Superintendent of Summers County says, “That will eliminate fundraising and stop putting that price back on the parent for everything we do, our STEAM program is going to be a huge county wide push.”

Although majority of the levy’s budget will be for the improvement for students. Summer County is also trying to provide some incentives for teachers.

“What we do hope to offer teachers and its the only thing for teachers is we’ll offer dental and optical,” Rodes adds.

The levy also includes having the addition of several Prevention Resource Officers along with upgrades to the security an fire systems of the schools.

Superintendent Rodes, wants the community to understand although their tax will increase this is for the betterment of the children’s future, ” I can’t wait to spend all my energy on getting these programs up and going while proving to people that we’re going to do exactly what we say.”

The voting for the levy will take place on May 8th.

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