Summer Approaching Means Hotter Temperatures And Can Lead To Dangerous Situations

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY)- For many people, summertime is a synonymous with trips to the beach, water sports and recreation but often times can be dangerous when temperatures rise.


Even though Summer warmth is a welcome break from Winter weather for many people, medical doctors are saying heat is the leading cause of weather-related fatalities, resulting in hundreds of deaths each year in the United States alone.


WOAY spoke with Dr. Yancy Short who is a physician with Plateau Medical Center who says, there are several key factors to avoid over heating.


Dr. Short says to never leave children or pets in your vehicle, stock up on fluids to stay hydrated, avoid drinks with caffeine or alcohol, limit strenuous activities, wear loose-fitting clothing.


Dr. Short also reminded us to avoid dark colors because they absorb the sun’s rays the most. But, if you have to be outside make sure to stay cool!


If you see or feel any heat related illnesses, contact 911 and your local physician.



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