Study: WV second highest in US when it comes to not reporting property crime

(NEWS RELEASE) – Security based review, comparison and news site Security Baron ( conducted a survey of 2,500 people, to discover the extent of minor property crimes that go unreported by homeowners.

The research suggests that over 19% of US homeowners would consider not reporting crime (such as theft and vandalism) to the police because it could make it more difficult to sell or rent their property, or reduce its value.

43% of homeowners polled in The Mountain State said they would consider not reporting property crimes to police – the 2nd highest figure in the nation.

This might suit those homeowners who are trying to rent or sell their properties – but it’s not so good for the local community or for the people who are looking for somewhere to rent or buy in that particular neighborhood.

The findings suggest that the statistics shown on the police reports for any neighborhood may not be a true reflection of how safe your potential home might be.

Moreover, according to FBI data, of the property crimes that were reported to the police in 2015, nearly one fifth (19.4%) were cleared – another reason for people not to report crimes.

But which states are the most community minded, and which are the least? Security Baron created a useful interactive infographic which goes into detail, state by state, showing where homeowners are more or least likely to report a minor property crime.

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