Study: West Virginia 2nd worst state to grow old in

NEW YORK (NEWS RELEASE) – By a number of measures related to education, income, and health, West Virginia is the second worst state to grow old in reports 24/7 Wall St. in its “Worst States to Grow Old In” report.

Just 16.9% of residents age 65 and over have a bachelor’s degree, far less than the 26.7% of seniors nationwide and the smallest share of any state.

College attainment is highly correlated with income, and the median household income among seniors in West Virginia is just $36,208 — the fifth lowest of any state.

In West Virginia, 9.5% of residents 65 and older live below the poverty line, just above the 9.2% elderly poverty rate nationwide. Click HERE to read the article, HERE for the full list of 50 states and HERE for 24/7’s methodology.

Income and education are two of the primary determinants of health and longevity. The life expectancy at birth in West Virginia is just 76.0 years, far less than the national life expectancy of 79.1 years. Also, an estimated 4,694 in every 100,000 seniors in the state die every year, the third highest senior mortality rate in the country.

24/7 Wall St.’s 10 “BEST” States to Grow Old In”

  1. New Hampshire
  2. Vermont
  3. Minnesota
  4. Virginia
  5. Massachusetts
  6. Colorado
  7. Maryland
  8. Washington
  9. Connecticut
  10. Kansas

24/7 Wall St.’s 10 “Worst States to Grow Old In”

  1. Mississippi
  2. West Virginia
  3. Alaska
  4. Louisisana
  5. Arkansas
  6. Kentucky
  7. Alabama
  8. Tennessee
  9. Oklahoma
  10. Florida
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