Students Organize Rally To Support Teachers

CHARLESTON, WV (WOAY)- As the teacher and school service personnel walkout continues, a student lead march representing all 55 counties took place around the Capitol.

“I hope the legislature sees that we’re not going to stop until they pay our teachers more,” said Victoria Garnes, a student who attended the rally.


Students, parents and community members gathered at the Capitol to show their support for teachers, school service personnel and students.


“We came out today to back up the teachers because they back us in school to help us be the best we can be and I think it’s cool we can be with them,” said Kobe Smith, a student.


Students and parents from all 55 counties came out to the Capitol today to support their teachers and show that they matter.


The march was organized by two students who wanted to send the message to teachers that they are valuable and students care about them.


“We hosted this event to show teachers that community and students care about them because they are always there for us,” said Juliana Purdue, who put on the student lead rally.


The teachers and school service personnel are thankful for all of the food, participation and ongoing support they have received during this walkout.


“Sometimes we feel it’s just us against the state, but knowing that it’s not just us, that we are here for our kids and that they are in turn supporting us,” said Rachel Copley, who is a teacher.


As 55 Strong is shouted throughout the Capitol by teachers and school service personnel, those participating are hoping that the legislature and the Governor will provide answers and resolution so that those representing 55 Strong can get back to school and teach our students.

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