Students Learn About Prom Safety

With prom season right around the corner, students are getting ready for the big day but there is something the Fayette County Sheriffs office wants students to be aware of, which are the dangers that can happen during or after prom. Fayette Co. Deputy Sheriff, Rachel Stephens visited Fayetteville High School on Friday to talk to students about what they need to be aware of, “Were just doing it to bring awareness to the children of what can happen to them, some of the things they need to understand. You know they get wrapped up in their nails and their shoes and their tuxedos and their hair and you know we hate for them to be all dressed up and then forget about the dangers that’s out there.”

 “Kids need to be aware of distracted driving using their cellphone or texting or even eating, anything that would take your mind off of what your doing which should be only driving.” Deputy Stephens told us. For some students, this is their first year of prom and they say their excited but also are more aware of the responsibilities they have in making it a fun and safe night. Junior, Ashley Fridley said, “Even though if you don’t do it, somebody else might be doing it so you have to always make sure what your doing, you have to always make sure of your surroundings.”

 During Deputy Stephens presentation, she showed reenactments of students drinking and driving as well as distracted driving. And one student says it was an eye opener. “I’m not only speaking for myself but I think the whole school well the juniors and seniors we would be aware of it but it makes it more realistic seeing other kids doing it and stuff like that.” Fridley told us. 

The Fayetteville deputy sheriffs office has also talked to the other high schools in Fayette county and wants everyone to have a fun and safe prom night. Prom will be held this Saturday, April 22nd at Fayetteville High School. 

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