Students Last Day at the WVU Tech. Montgomery Campus

The hall ways and classrooms were more quiet than usual on Friday. College students at the West Virginia University Tech Montgomery campus finished up their last day of classes and also their last day ever at this campus. Freshman, Corey Steele told us he is excited for the move. “Well I mean I kind of gotten attached to the place, but it is kind of exciting because it is the end of a school year and then another one is going to begin.”

 Starting this upcoming Fall of 2017, students and faculty will be permanently located at the Beckley campus. Many of the students we talked to at the Montgomery campus say they are more happy than sad about the campus moving to Beckley. And they say, it is because of more opportunities. Junior, Stephanie Fletcher told us, “I grew up in Beckley so I have seen the new campus and I knew the buildings had just been made and built before mountain state closed down. It will be a good transition, you will get a lot more students and a lot more opportunities.” Ashton Johnson who is also a Junior said, “I am pretty happy to be leaving Montgomery, I just feel like there is not a lot of opportunity here compared to Beckley. I am from Beckley,so it is more of a local place for me.” 

It is not only the students who believe that the Beckley campus will have more to offer, but the associate dean of students believes this as well. Associate Dean of students Emily Sands said, “It gives our students a great opportunity to get a larger community, there is a lot to do down there, there is a lot of cultural opportunities. It will give them a chance to be in more of a college town.”

And for the town of Montgomery students feel the town could be affected by the move. Fletcher said, “The school and the campus and the students definitely bring in a lot of income, I mean with the restaurants, the gas stations, you know students grabbing something to eat before class or anything. So I mean you are going to lose a lot of business.”

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