Students At Fayette Tech

A class at Fayette Institute of Technology in Oak Hill has won first and second place at various academic competitions.

This class is full of students who want to become teachers. Eight girls placed first in state competition at Canaan Valley. They are now trying to raise money, around $7500, to attend nationals in Phoenix, AZ.

Bessie, a Fayette Tech Student said, “I competed in the stem category at the competition. I wrote a lesson plan and went down to our local elementary school and I taught it. I can back and graded all the papers. I got second place.”

Kiera Lesher, a Fayette Tech Student said, “In our scenario we had a teacher who had a group of students who were planning to opt out of standardized testing. We as a group had to come up with an ethical decision that way she could meet both the parents and the students needs ethically. We placed first, but also competed last year in the same category and also placed first at states and second nationally.”

The project that won first place was on researching learning challenges. One girl placed second for her science technology engineering and math lesson plan. Ms. Tama Sweet is their teacher and is very proud of her students ambition and success.


-Frank Notarbartolo

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