Students Compete in State Archery Tournament

Hundreds of students were aiming for the bull’s eye this Saturday at a competition they have been steadily preparing for. This weekend, the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources hosted its 12th Annual Archery in Schools Tournament at the Charleston Civic Center.

The program has gained popularity since its introduction in 2005, where it was implemented in just 12 schools. Today, the Archery in Schools Program is working in over 300 schools across the state.

Steve McClure, a coach from Ravenswood Archery, spoke very highly about the program.
“The Archery Program in Schools is a fantastic thing. It can take folks that aren’t necessarily athletes, and it can transform them into something we can be real proud of,” he said.

There were 509 students, out of the 1200 who tried out, who qualified to shoot in Saturday’s tournament.

Art Shomo, the Public Information Specialist for the program, said, “And then usually we have such a great Archery program here in West Virginia, that usually, a couple of the teams and several other individuals, get to qualify for the national tournament”.

And while most of the students agreed that this sport is a fun way to hang out with their friends, they also said it is something that has taught them to perfect their concentration. The students said they hope to make it to Nationals in Kentucky, and then hopefully even make it to World in Florida.

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