Student Speaks Out About Cheerleading Altercation

“It was not the whole Valley cheerleading squad and our Midland Trail cheerleaders had nothing to do with it and for someone to say that is really sickening to me,” said Austin Simms a Sophomore student at Midland Trail. 

Friday nights football game has caught several locals attention, after Kim Ennis told WOAY that her son was injured after Valley cheerleaders fell on top of him. According to Ennis the altercation erupted after Valley cheerleaders were confronted by one Midland Trail cheerleader for ripping up their school signs. However one student who was allegedly there, says the altercation did start from their signs being ripped up but the rest is a different story. 

“When the fighting started Valley threw the first punches but I will admit Midland Trail started the verbal part and started yelling at Valley then one of our students sprayed them with silly string which was not appropriate and I can’t defend that. But the student from our school that was involved in the fight was defending herself,” said Simms. 

According to Simms Valley cheerleaders then made a remark to the Midland Trail student as they were leaving towards the end of the game, quickly turning into a brawl. Simms added, “She defended herself and said something back and then it got very, very heated right there in that spot. I was told and I also saw that water was thrown on her.” 

According to Simms there is video showing this altercation but school officials will not allow it to be aired because the students involved are underage and the incident is still being investigated. We also did try contracting the Principal of Midland Trail but were unable to get a hold of him.

“Valley shouldn’t suffer from this and Midland Trail shouldn’t. You know, football is suppose to be a place where the communities come together and have fun on Friday nights, that’s what it should stay to be. It shouldn’t be a place where drama, gossiping and fighting goes on,” said Simms. 

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