Strong Military Presence In WV During National Jamboree

You don’t usually see military uniforms at an event full of kids… but when it’s an event as large as the National Boy Scout Jamboree… you can expect to see them all over the city.

Over 40,000 scouts and visitors arrived today, making Glen Jean the largest city in West Virginia for the next 10 days.

So the emergency response team has to be much larger than it is normally.

“We support the jamboree as per orders from the Secretary of Defense, and doing that actually solidifies our mission in NORTHCOM in the defense support to civil authorities. So doing the Jamboree mission helps local, state, national, and federal emergency responders, emergency management, and all levels of government to make sure that if something should happen, all those entities are ready to respond,” Tim Tyner, the U.S. Northern Command Plans Officer, told us.

And they’ve been preparing for over a year, to make sure everything goes according to plan. There’s representation from every branch of the military. It’s the Joint Task Force for the National Scout Jamboree.

Every department of the United States Military is working together, on and off the Summit Bechtel Reserve.

Major General Jim Hoyer, the General for the West Virginia National Guard, said, “We manage this just lie we would manage a disaster response, with the same mechanism. We focus on that joint-inner agency capability. So you’ve got local, state, and federal first responders, law enforcement personnel, and then you’ve got the National Guard, you’ve got some active duty counterparts.”

This also becomes a highlight of the Jamboree for the scouts, who get a chance to see military equipment and meet military personnel, and at the same time, allows the military to get real-life experience in training.

“It allows us during the event to train. It allows us to do exercises. We have multiple venues going on at the same time as the jamboree to make sure that our responders are up to date and can respond to whatever happens to protect the people of this state,” Jimmy Jianato, the Director of Homeland Security for West Virginia, said.



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