Strange Discoveries At Beckley Construction Site

BECKLEY, W. Va. (WOAY)- Construction to level out and pave a new parking lot in Beckley has been underway for almost two weeks, but since then, they’ve hit a bump or two and made strange discoveries.

About a week ago, the Raleigh County Commissioners Office discovered an underground storage tank. The Department of Environmental Protection ran tests and confirmed there was no contamination from the tank. They have also come across concrete slabs and foundation while digging below the surface.

“Doing some more digging, we found that there was a jail that was built in 1915, and going back a little bit further, we found that back in 1895, there was a jail prior to the jail that we uncovered the foundation of,” said assistant administrator Billy Michael.

The lot is for commission and courthouse employees. The project is set to be completed in about a month.

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