Straight "A" Students Are Awarded By Their School And A Special Guest…

It was a full house at Park Middle School Thursday night as Governor Jim Justice made a visit to his children’s Alma mater. Students from the middle school were awarded for having a perfect GPA and the governor couldn’t be prouder. Governor Justice stated, “Unbelievable, I mean really an incredible accomplishment by all of them and you know these are our leaders to be, I mean that’s all there is to it. It was really special to come back to Park because both of my kids graduated here from Park and I was a student here by my sophomore year at Woodrow Wilson, the last year that this was Woodrow.”

The school and their proud parents recognized all seventy students for all of their hard work and determination. David Swell who is the father of a seventh grade student said, “I’m very proud of my daughter, she doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal, she’s very modest. But I am very proud of her, she’s in an elite group of kids.”

And it’s not only the students here at Park middle school that Governor Jim Justice wants to award it is all of the teachers in West Virginia as well. The Governor stated, “Our teachers need to be rewarded just from the stand point of us reaching out to them and telling them how important they are.” And when we asked how these special students felt about the Governor being at their school their responses were filled with excitement and gratitude. Sixth grader, Triston Stover said, “Well because it’s such a honor to get to meet him and it’s something I can brag about at school.” Another sixth grade student, Chase Connard said, “I was really excited because I’m also a democrat and you know, that’s exciting for me. I saw Bernie Sanders a couple of months ago, I’m working my way.” 

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