Storms Leave Behind Blocked Roads and Power Outages

It was a wet and windy day for Southern West Virginia as thunderstorms blew across the region. The storms came ripping through Oak Hill on Wednesday morning causing trees and power lines l to fall. Appalachian Power is reporting over 10,000 homes are without power.

Appalachian Power had been preparing for the majority of the city to lose power due to the 70 mile-an-hour winds that were expected, so they did have extra crews that were responding right away to residents that called in. However, they encourage customers to check the power outage map on their website that details the areas with outages.

Ronn Robinson, External Affairs Manager for Appalachian Power, told us that the map shows the outtages, “Down to the neighborhood level. It will give how many outages are out in a county and even provide the estimated time of restoration as we know hat.”

While the power company is working hard to restore these outages, it is important to note that the storms will continue until the early hours of Thursday morning.

“I think they should prepare for 24 hours or more without power. We will mobilize the crews necessary to restore power as quickly as we can, But we’ll make every effort to get everybody back on as safely and quickly as we can, and we won’t stop until everybody is returned to service,” Robinson added.

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