Stepmother Records Father Beating Teen Daughter

“It’s his blood that pumps through her veins the man that is suppose to love her and protect her and he did quite the opposite.” Those were the emotional words of a Raleigh County mother whose seventeen year old daughter was beaten by her biological father. 

 Both the girl and her mother did not want to be shown on camera, but say the incident happened in Huntington, West Virginia, where she was staying with her father and things seemed just fine at first. “The relationship seemed great not only was being a father but also a friend, he would tell me you know don’t do that, be honest with me and stuff like that.” said, the girl. 

The girl said it wasn’t until a few months in her dad started abusing her verbally and then physically on three different occasions. Freddy Gray Jr. who is now in police custody hit his daughter with a belt twenty nine times authorities said. While stepmother Jamie Gray taped the beating on her phone as well as a cousin. For the young girl, she said she is doing “OK” but would like to ask her father and step mother this… “What do you think about recording it now? That is what I would say, I would ask them, would you have done it over? Still whooped me like that as you say.” 

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