State-Workers Upset With Senate President’s Decision

Fayette County., WV (WOAY) – Teachers throughout West Virginia continue to rally against the freeze in PEIA rates. Newswatch spoke with local teachers on their reactions about Senate President Carmichael’s latest announcement.

Rosedale Elementary Teacher Kara Shuff adds, “I’m very upset that’s he’s decided to play politics with our kids he’s not done anything to fix the teacher shortage in WV, we have 700 vacancies an our kids aren’t getting the education they need. She continued, he’s keeping me out of my classroom right now.”

Jill Manon a Retired Fayette County Teacher said, “What would he think if I was still working and went to school and said I don’t want to teach today. She continued, “If I sat there and did nothing, that wouldn’t float. They seem to be refusing their jobs and were going to remember that in November for sure.”

It is still unclear how long students will be out of school but Senate President Carmichael has sent the HB to the Senate Finance Committee.

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