State Fair Annual Flea Market!

The perfect weather on Saturday drew in thousands of people to Lewisburg for some shopping at their annual massive flea market. The giant flea market included two hundred plus vendors for folks to browse and shop both indoors and outdoors. Special events and concession manager, Garret McCormick told us, “We have a wide variety of vendors, anywhere from anyone selling antiques, collectibles, to clothes, to furniture just about anything your looking for, we probably have it here.”

One vendor has been coming for eleven years all the way from Virginia. And even though he has to work at it, he still enjoys it every time. “Oh I have a great experience, I always look forward to this. This is our favorite event of the year. Everybody is super friendly and we look forward to seeing vendors we haven’t seen since last time so that’s a lot of the fun in coming here,” said Andrew Bostic, owner of Andy’s Attic Village. 

And for some it is not just a day full of bargain shopping but also a day of supporting the local community. “See people out and about and it brings in tourism, it brings in a lot of different aspects to the community and for the culture and it’s just a really good event I think,” said resident of Rainelle Hannah Hellems.

 Bostic said, “The flea market even helps West Virginia’s economy. A lot folks it gives them extra income, which is a really great thing about this. Of course they have a flea market every Tuesday and Saturday here. I think it makes a difference for the economy here in West Virginia, I see a lot of artists, crafts people, it gives them a place to market and sell their wares.”

If you missed Saturday’s flea market, it will be open again on Sunday from 8 am till 3 pm.

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