State dems think Trump coming to Greenbrier just to line Gov. Justice’s pockets

CHARLESTON, WV (NEWS RELEASE) — President Trump is coming to The Greenbrier resort this week for the Republican congressional retreat and to put money in the pockets of Governor Jim Justice.

Justice switched parties to get closer to his pal President Trump, and now it looks like Trump is returning the favor by directing big money toward Justice’s resort. Instead of Justice using his office to help West Virginia, he put himself in a position to profit from his party switch.

 After one year in office, Governor Justice has refused to put The Greenbrier resort into a blind trust despite promising the people of West Virginia that he would do just that. Justice switched parties so that he could better work with Trump and so far the only evidence of Trump helping Justice (not West Virginia) is a major Republican event The Greenbrier.

“Governor Justice is trying to play the people of West Virginia for fools if he thinks we can’t see through this,” said Belinda Biafore, Chair of the West Virginia Democratic Party. “It’s bad enough that Governor Jim Justice doesn’t pay his taxes and he won’t put his companies in a blind trust as he promised, but now he’s using his power to line his own pockets.”

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