Starbucks offers new ‘Witches Brew’ Frappuccino

NEW YORK (AP)- This could be scary for some, but tasty for others!


Starbucks is getting into the Halloween spirit with a playfully frightening Frappuccino called “Witch’s Brew”.


The coffee giant says the purple base is “toad’s breath,” then there’s a swirl of so-called green “bat warts,” which are actually made with chia seeds.


They top it all off with a “swamp fog” of vanilla whipped cream and a dusting of green powdered “lizard scales.”


The creepy coffee concoction is available at participating stores starting Thursday, and it’s lasting as long as supplies do.


The frozen purple potion isn’t the only holiday treat on the menu.


Starbucks is also putting out a Halloween playlist and a collection of spooky snacks like the “mummy cake pop.”

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