Stanaford man lies to WOAY about missing child; Goes to jail for child neglect

STANAFORD, WV (WOAY-TV) — After lying on camera about his missing child, a Raleigh County man finally confessed to Raleigh County Sheriff’s Deputies that he wasn’t home when his daughter went to a near-by store because she was thirsty.

Arnold Campbell told us Wednesday that his daughter Emily was playing outside with her neighbors, when he called out for her to come inside for dinner.  “I realized, it’s been like 8 or 10 minutes and she’s still not here, so I thought ‘wait a minute. She should already be here’ So I come outside and I yell, and I couldn’t see her. So I jumped in my car and just thought she got distracted.”  Problem is, Campbell actually wasn’t at home like he says he was, according to the sheriff’s office.

In a news release sent Thursday evening, on May 17, Campbell’s 6-year-old daughter left her home at White Pines trailer court where deputies say she was unsupervised.

The girl rode her bicycle to the Stanaford Little General where someone saw her and called 911. Corporal Stump arrived and found the girl with no supervision.

The child told Stump that she was home alone and got thirsty so she came to the store. Cpl. Stump put the girl in the back of his car and drove to White Pines to find the girl’s guardian.

He drove around the park until the girl recognized her house. Stump passed a vehicle later found to be that of Campbell, but Campbell never flagged him down to report his daughter missing. Stump asked Campbell if he was missing his child and Campbell said yes.

Once at the sheriff’s department, Campbell confessed to leaving the child alone and loosing track of her. The girl was also infested with lice. CPS was called to help with this incident. Campbell was taken to SRJ pending arraignment.

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