Stafford Art Glass

Newport, VA (WOAY) – Glass Blowing is an art form which has been used even before the Roman Empire.  This is an ancient technique that is still being taught today.  Jump in and lets see what we can do on One Tank of Gas.

“The reason I like glass so much, is that it is a material that even if you were to dribble it on the floor it’s going to look beautiful.  Even when you have a bucket full of broken shards, it transmits colors, it transmits light, and it is just an amazing material that way,” said Park Stafford who owns Stafford Art Glass.
The bucket full of broken shards Parker is referring to is fittingly called the bone yard, and although we thought Dylan’s blown glass would end up there we both produced a glass ornament fit for any Christmas Tree.
My ornament was called “text book.”  The quote Dylan heard most of the time was “heat that up.”
But Dylan had a perfect solution to this familiar saying.
“Lets just not heat it up as much.”
All joking aside the class we took at Stafford Art Glass in Newport Virginia was one of my favorite experiences.  Parker first runs you through the process and then its your turn to create art.
“So someone who comes out to blow glass here what they’ll do is be given some safety equipment and a quick run through on what they need to do in order to gather glass out of the furnace. As you know now it is pretty hot so they have to be able to get in there, turn that pipe, get the glass out, and then get the color on the pipe.  Then it is heated and then it is shaped and then it is blown out.  It is actually a pretty fast process all in all usually,” said Parker Stafford.
With so many options for glass blowing classes the one thing that sets Stafford Art Glass apart is.
“One of the things that I do is, I guarantee that the people who have blown glass here will actually get a piece that they can be proud of.”

And the best part of your trip is…you don’t have to be a professional to create this art plus you can get to Stafford Art Glass in less than one tank of gas.
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