St. Francis Students Experience Solar Eclipse

It was no typical school day for the students at St. Francis De Sales School in Beckley on Monday. Students, faculty, and even parents all came together for a moment they will never forget, the viewing of the solar eclipse!¬†Eighth grade student, Maddie Monroe told WOAY, “I am glad we get to, since it is like a once in a lifetime thing.”

St. Francis De Sales parking lot was filled with nothing but beach towels, solar eclipse glasses and smiles. Several eager students waited to experience the solar eclipse, something that will be part of history for a lifetime. “Instead of just reading about it in a textbook and learning about it from other people. They actually get to see the whole change in the sky and it is just has been a wonderful thing. We kind of been anticipating it all week and then to actually get outside and see it. You hear the excitement of all the kids not to just get some free outside time, but to actually see the phenomenon occur is just wonderful” said, Jennifer Monroe a mother of an eighth grade student.

Students also said it was a great experience. “It was kind of like the Matrix basically looking at the eclipse. It was my first time looking at the eclipse and it was totally amazing” said, Ram Asaithambi, a third grade student. While Mary Cummings, who is also a third grade student added, “It was like so pretty and fun to watch.”


Although, this part of history is over with, their studies will still continue on the solar eclipse. Third grade teacher Mrs. Peck said, “We are going to do a lot of follow-up activities. Our first unit in science actually is about the solar system and this plays well with that.”


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