St. Francis Church fills up for Palm Sunday

 Churches all over the country came together on Sunday as they celebrated Palm Sunday, and one local church in Beckley is doing the same. Parishioner Henry Bobbin said, “Palm Sunday what a tremendous ceremony here at St Francis, where each one of our parishioners can get involved the same way that the lord did many years ago into Jerusalem.” And that is what many people did, as the seats filled up inside St. Francis and they listened to Father Paul Wharton. “The origins of Palm Sunday are found in the fourth century Jerusalem where they begin when the persecutions ended of Christians to celebrate different events in different places in Jerusalem as they went through the churches here and they began processing with palms.” said, Father. 

At the Catholic Church of st Francis in Beckley, many people believe the celebration of Palm Sunday brings them together more closely.  “We enjoy doing this each and every year and it knits us all together tightly as far as our Catholic community’s concerned.” said, Henry Bobbin. And not only does it bring the community closer, but it also teaches them how important Palm Sunday is. Choir Director at St. Francis, Robert Tipne, said, “Holy Week is the most important liturgical time for the church because the resurrection is what it’s all about because we were all saved because Jesus died and was resurrected. So it is the most important events that take place in the Catholic Church during the whole year.”

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