Special Fund Put Aside For Information On Unsolved Cases in Fayette Co.

Persistence comes in many forms and for these five unsolved cases in Fayette county, Law enforcement, the Fayette county Prosecutors office and West Virginia Crime Stoppers are not giving up. The three murder cases of Joshua Monroe Dillon, Steven Skaggs, Stephanie Watters and Jeffery Allen Morton. As well as, two missing persons cases, Jasmine Michelle Cruz and Georgia Melinda Stone still remain open cases.

However Law officials are hoping that won’t be the case for too long. Fayette County Chief Deputy, Rod Perdue told us, “The Fayette County Commission along with the Crime Stoppers of West Virginia came together. The Fayette County Commission established a fund, what that fund is set aside for is information leading to the arrests and conviction of people involved in these cold cases.” And even though this started to help solve these five cold cases, Crime Stoppers of West Virginia want to continue creating funds like this to get the community to help them solve all of the unsolved cases throughout the state. Paul Witt is on the Board of Directors for Crime Stoppers added, “This five thousand dollars can be distributed amongst any crime that’s been committed in Fayette county, that’s the most important part.”

Law enforcement believes with this special fund more citizens will come forward. “When you start talking about money, everybody likes money and what will happen is the Prosecutor, Larry Harrah and the Sheriff, Mike Fridley has a final say who gets paid. Because you have to collaborate their story, check the quality of the information their getting and see if it’s consistent with crime at hand and also the conviction of the person.” 

If you have any information about these five unsolved cases, the Fayette county sheriffs office and crime stoppers of West Virginia urges you to contact them.

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