A Special Day for Students

Thursday morning was unlike most days for the students at Fayette Institute of Technology as well as the students at Rosedale Elementary school in Oak Hill.  The high school students and elementary students worked together to learn about a new policy all schools in Fayette county have adopted, it is named, P-B-I-S.  Adriane Heatherly, who is a school counselor at Rosedale, said in an interview with WOAY when asked what the policy meant, she stated, “This is P-B-I-S, which is, positive, behavior, interventions, support. And it is, a proactive approach to helping kids, students, achieve success in academics, emotional and social success.”

The students from Fayette Institute of Technology were asked to cut out blocks for the younger students at Rosedale, the students would than be given the opportunity to use these blocks as a game as well as a learning method.  Heatherly stated, “Today, they are sanding blocks, we are going to use the blocks as games, because what they are, are block games that they can play.  Their able to rent these games with tickets that they’ve earned. They earn these tickets by their behaviors in school.”

WOAY also had the chance to talk to a teacher from Fayette Institute of Technology, who was very enthusiastic and excited to see his students work well with the younger students.  In an interview with WOAY, Kim Eades, stated, “Yes, this is my first time doing this, so far we’ve just gotten started but it feels like a good experience, seems like the young students are having a good time and the high school students too, they seem to enjoy it.”

The younger students as well as the faculty seemed to enjoy morning watching their students be able to interact with older students from Fayette Insitute of Technology.  When asking students how they felt about working with their younger peers, Junior, Tanner Sears, stated, “I love working with kids and just helping them and teaching them stuff.” Junior, Samantha Corely said, “I love it, it’s so great, they are so sweet, it just makes my day.”

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