Some Schools Fighting the Flu With New Instrument

Maxwell Hill Elementary has a new weapon in the fight against contagious illness like the flu.
“It’s a smart thermometer. It is made by the Kinsa Corporation and it is sponsored by Lysol,” said Amanda Ashley the School Nurse at Maxwell.
The thermometer allows parents to not only take a child’s temperature but also to log the child’s symptoms and illnesses they have been diagnosed with. This information helps the parent make a more educated decision about their child’s attendance.
Amanda said “We don’t identify who is actually sick but we just know that there are those illnesses so if we have a parent who has a child that’s not feeling well that morning and they are trying to decide should I send them to school or keep them home they can pull the app up and see in their grade there are three cases of flu and two cases of strep.”
The app does more for the parent and guardian then just simply logging symptoms throughout the school.
“It gives several recommendations when they have a fever and it will give home remedies. Things you can do to keep you from having to take them to the doctor immediately if the doctor’s office is closed” said local parent Kim Bailey.
The app even helps to keep the child entertained while having their temperature taken.
“We have a baby sister and she doesn’t like to take her temperature and so she plays that while my mom takes her temperature,” said Maxwell student Kyndra Bailey.
This app may help schools combat illness in a positive manner but in the end getting your temperature taken is not fun said Maxwell student Keira Bailey.

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