Solution for Pharmaceutical Students

A recent regulation passed in West Virginia required pharmacy technicians to have high school diplomas. The Fayette Institute of Technology has a two year pharmaceutical education program which lets students get hands-on training in a pharmacy during the program’s final semester. But since these students have not yet graduated high school, they don’t have their diplomas.

When Fayette Delegate Tom Fast heard about the issue, he and his capital coworkers fast-tracked an emergency rule to get students back in the pharmacy.

“Certainly, you don’t want to always have to undo something, but in this situation there was actually unintended consequences that actually pulled the plug on student’s training in pharmacies. The emergency rule was the only option we had,” said Fast.

The emergency rule will be in place for 15 months, and Fast is confident a permanent solution will be passed during that time. The affected students at the Fayette Institute of Technology are extremely grateful for the speedy resolution.

“We definitely appreciate it. Being able to go into the pharmacy and work hand-on is very important to us,” said student Lindsey Brown.


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