Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Building in Fayetteville faces major problems

City leaders in Fayetteville toured the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Building Friday, but the landmark is in need of some major repair work.

A gas and carbon monoxide leak are the top concerns. There is also asbestos, which has gotten into vents throughout the building. As a precaution, the gas line in the building has been shutdown.

“When does it turn cold enough that you need to turn the heat on?” Fayette County Commission President Matt Winder said. “I think before November you should certainly expect this building up and ready for the heat if needed. I don’t think I’m too worried about it for the start of August and September, but you know when it gets cold, you know folks that come in here expect it to be somewhat of a comfortable temperature. That requires heat and we darn better be prepared to provide it.”

The Fayette County Commission decided Friday to hire engineers who will come in assess the situation and then submit an estimate of the cost to either repair or replace the vents. Even though there is no gas to the building, people are working here. But if a decision on what to do isn’t made soon, no gas means no heat during the winter months.

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