Socks for Seniors

Students at Valley College came together Wednesday morning to show their appreciation for the Harper Mills Nursing home and their residents.  Many of the students at Valley College had the opportunity to work with the residents at Harper Mills, this counted as clinical hours for the students. During an interview with WOAY, Keith Cole, the MCA Program Ed, stated, “Valley College decided to host a Socks for Seniors event here at Harper Mills. Our goal, was to raise pair and we were able to raise over 120.”  Unfortunately, we could not show the students giving the residents socks and personal care items they collected on camera.  But many of the residents were happy, and thankful for their new items.  When asked during an interview with students how they think residents feel about the donation, Kayla Cordell, said, “Happy, it might not be much but to them it probably means a lot.”  Another student, David Whitener, said, “I think they would be overjoyed. A lot of them don’t get visitors, they don’t get things like that .. And just anything to help, and someone to talk to would do them a lot of good.”

Kourtney Pennington, who works at Harper Mills as an Administrator in Training explained to WOAY that the residents not only love receiving items but they simply love being able to see new faces and talk with the students.  Pennington stated in an interview with WOAY, “They love the extra attention, the residents get attention but they just strive for the extra hand and extra attention .. And we just got to witness that a minute ago with one of our residents.  He was so excited just to get the socks and it really does mean a lot to them, anything that you give them.”

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