A Shortage of Nurses in Southern West Virginia

Hospitals are requiring a high demand for nurses is becoming more and more of a nationwide issue.  Raleigh General Hospital for example, has seen the shortage of nurses during the past couple of years. Yosley Cruz-Fernandez, who is the Executive Director for Critical Care Services at Raleigh General Hospital stated in an interview with WOAY, “We have seen a shortage in nursing, I will tell you that about two years after Mountain State University closed, Raleigh General in particular felt the impact.” Fernandez, has been a nurse for fifteen years, says that she believes one of the reasons is because of the lack of nursing programs that are offered here in the Mountain State. “Those programs that did have nursing graduates, it was just a limited number. So, you have four hospitals in just the Beckley area, so were competing for the same amount of nurses.” Fernandez stated.

Raleigh General Hospital has been visiting secondary students as well as college students to talk to them about considering a job in the health field. “We’ve done a lot of recruitment, events, even nursing directors attend with our HR recruiter to nursing colleges. We talk to soon graduating nursing students and talk to them about our facility and what we have to offer.” Fernandez stated.

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