Sheriff Fridley reflects on the biggest drug bust in Fayette County

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – The final defendant pleads guilty in Operation Mountaineer Highway, which was the biggest drug bust in the Fayette County area.

“The amount of money was just unbelievable. I never in my life born and raised here that that much money could be taken out of homes,” said Fayette County Sheriff Mike Fridley.

Oxycodone pills, heroin, fentanyl, methamphetamines and over $360,000 in cash were all seized.

“The problem is when there’s that much money that to be made there someone that going to step up and take that spot. So our job is never done. We put a dent in it that day and people were getting the message that the U.S. Attorney Office is not messing around with this, the state-local agency is not messing with it and the state courts are not messing with it. If you are bringing poison in our communities. we’re going to find you and arrest you and you will go away to prison, period,” said Fridley.

Now over a year later, the twelfth and final defendant Bobby Mack has plead guilty for his participation in the drug traffic operation. Mack admitted that he participated in the drug trafficking organization by supplying heroin to a co-conspirator.

“These people are getting what they deserve for bringing this poison in our communities and I have faith in our court system on that aspect,” said Fridley.

38 people faced state and federal charges. Authorities arrested an additional 54 people on state charges in unrelated cases.


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