Sex offender allowed to coach Little League team in Virginia

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (AP) — A registered sex offender has been allowed to coach a Little League team in Virginia for the past two years.


The Virginian-Pilot reports a parent of an Aragona Pembroke Little League player recently learned of 44-year-old William Ghormley’s status and notified league leaders, who already knew. League President Carl Bush says Ghormley posed no threat as his offenses didn’t involve a minor.

But court records say the offenses involved two female minors, aged 12 and 13. Bush says Ghormley was fired and banned from the league last month when he learned the victims were minors.


Ghormley says he never mislead anyone about the victims’ ages. It’s not illegal for Ghormley to coach children as his offenses happened before state laws began restricting sex offender proximity to children in 2000.

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